Vashti Aluminum Wheelset

Vashti Aluminum Wheelset

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Delrin Wheel Set

Canadian customers: We can ship the wheels anywhere in Canada for a flat rate of $18.49. If you would like to take advantage of this rate, contact us before payment of your order and we will adjust your shipping cost for you!
Integrity in design ensures precision tracking and consistent performance. Our premium aluminum wheelsets are produced in the very same manner as our unrivaled belt grinder chassis, in that no detail was overlooked.

Each wheel is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and utilize premium (readily available) North American manufactured bearings. Unlike the majority of cheaper wheelsets available online using offshore bearings and "bandaid" spacers, our wheelsets utilize a stacked bearing design that ensures ZERO lateral load. Coupled with precision cut crowns on the drive and tracking wheels, this directly translates to longer bearing life and Vashti's trademark buttery smooth tracking consistency.


5" Drive Wheel, 5/8" bore, 3/16" keyway
4" Tracking Wheel, 1/2" bore
2" Idler Wheels, 1/2" bore

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