STRIVE 2x72 Grinder Assembly

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We STRIVE because YOU do! With clear Vashti styling and design, the STRIVE is a traditional format, no-no sense, no frills, FULL ON work horse. Clearly, we based it on the H2S, however, we loaded it with the features shared by the RIFT and the SHIFT! The STRIVE is the 2"X72" requested by bladesmiths that want precision and repeatability, but not necessarily interested in tension lockouts or the current horizontal trend. We listened!
Above all, the STRIVE is yet another Vashti original! INTEGRITY isn't "implied" it's PRACTICED daily! We would never try to claim to be the new industry standard using another company's design. We proudly lay claim to being the OLD industry standard when INTEGRITY and ETHICAL business practices mattered! THAT is what Vashti STRIVES for!
- Thrust bearing pivots throughout
- INTEGRITY Series tracking assembly
- Dual extension spring tension assembly
- Combination tube and plate construction
- Removable C-Frame motor mount
- PERFECTLY balanced modular pedestal
- Dual hollow tool arm slots
- The industries BEST designed aluminum wheel set! (No band-aid spacers used here!)
- V-Plate and flat platen assembly
- 1 pc Universal tool rest
- 2 tool arms