2x72 Belt Grinder Premium

SHIFT 2x72 Belt Grinder Assembly

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The SHIFT is made to order. Current lead time as of July 20, 2021 is 14-20 business days. Our packages are shipped through Canada Post so we are subject to any delays they may have. We thank you for your patience and continued support.

**Motor and drive is not included**

Aside from its undeniably SEXY lines and clear Vashti design features, the SHIFT shares the same solid INTEGRITY as all Vashti Grinders.
The SHIFT is a fixed base modular 2X72 unlike any other and was designed for the traditionalist. We've packed everything we have learned over the years into it. The SHIFT was not casually thrown together. Every single nut, bolt, washer, bearing, and spring has been carefully considered and implemented.
The SHIFT has a removable C-Frame motor mount that makes FULL sense and has an added advantage over the competition. If you wish to run your grinder direct drive single speed, or with pillow block bearings and step pulleys for speed control, it accommodates it perfectly. Don't have a C-Frame motor, and want to upgrade to a C-Frame motor and VFD at a later date?... Done! What's the advantage of the VG designed modular C-Frame mount over the others? When utilized, the SHIFT shares the exact same geometry as the RIFT. We carefully located the C-Frame mount where it needs to be to out perform all others. Simply put, there is no other 2X72 on the market in its class with this level of performance and features, PERIOD! 
Features such as: rock solid 1/4" and 3/8" plate steel construction throughout, patented hub and belt  tension lockout, shoulder bolt and thrust bearings utilized at EVERY pivot point, precisely located hydraulic spring that provides perfectly regulated belt tension, and central pivot belt tracking. We didn't design the SHIFT to conform to the current industry standard... The SHIFT is designed to exceed them. Vashti Grinders leads, we don't follow! 

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