RIFT 2x72 Belt Grinder Assembly

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 The RIFT is made to order. Current lead time as of July 20, 2021 is 14-20 business days. Our packages are shipped through Canada Post so we are subject to any delays they may have. We thank you for your patience and continued support.

**Motor and drive is not included**


Distinctive Vashti Grinders design, unmatched PREMIUM performance!
The RIFT is proudly designed and manufactured right here in Canada. With so many "back handed" copy of a copy of a copy grinders currently flooding the market, the RIFT was designed to eliminate the middle ground competition based largely on INTEGRITY. We have been designing, building and selling belt grinders and attachments full time for nearly 4 solid years with a solid track record. We evolve on Vashti Grinders design knowledge alone. We do not copy, mimic or replicate existing grinders as is so commonly and ridiculously practiced by others.
The RIFT is loaded with features far exceeding the expectations of equipment in this price range. We've pulled out all the stops. The RIFT provides UNPARALLELED attention to detail and performance, without compromising INTEGRITY. 
The RIFT features:
- Vashti Grinders' trademark beautiful design 
- Shoulder bolt and precision thrust bearings at EVERY pivot point. If it moves, swivels, or pivots, it's on bearings.
- The very best aluminum wheels available. We utilize solid designed components, no "band-aid" spacers to prevent lateral bearing load here...
- Central pivot tracking adjustment. The tightest tolerance most accurate trouble free tracking available
- Patented tension lockout for lightning fast and consistent belt changes
- Patented horizontal base lockout. It's the SMOOTHEST horizontal belt grinder in the industry
- Easily positioned spark guard
- PERFECTLY balanced chassis. It balances better than ANY grinder currently available. Transitioning from vertical to horizontal and back to vertical is effortless.
- INTEGRITY!... Its not implied, it's practiced!  Vashti Grinders provides unequaled customer service and product support. We do not hide behind email. We can be reached easily and we are always happy to help in any way we can. 
Don't gamble your hard earned income on the crucial equipment required to excel in your craft. The RIFT is a premium belt grinder designed by a bladesmith for bladesmiths. Rest assured, we FULLY understand the requirements of the professional.