2021 Pro Rest Package

2021 Pro Rest Package

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Our 2021 Pro Rest Package is the absolute BEST way to compliment your Vashti single slot horizontal grinder chassis. Having adjustable tool rests on center is the FASTEST most efficient way to change rests between attachments, PERIOD! Don't (literally) waste your time or money with the ridiculous articulating trinket arms currently available... Some of them might "work" but they do not PERFORM. We learned this from experience. The Pro Rest Package provides nearly instant vertical and horizontal adjustment, without having to learn ways to adjust an articulating arm on the fly... You have far better ways to spend your valuable time as well as your hard earned income. 

The Pro Rest stinger utilizes precision multi-axis laser cutting technology, ensuring perfect pin placement. Pins are cold rolled and meant to take the BITE the stingers provide. The very LAST thing any bladesmith wants is to have their work rest shift at the WORST possible moment! 

The 2021 Pro Rest Package Includes: 

3) Tool arm receivers with toggles
1) 90 degree arm with vertical and horizontal pin
1) Short stinger 
1) Long stinger
1) 12" Tool rest platform 
1) Small wheel holder attachment rest platform with vertical pin
1) 12" Contact wheel rest platform with vertical pin

* Please Note * 

Attachment tool arms are NOT included. Although the Pro Rest Package will work with our multi-slot fixed base grinder chassis', it will require modification or replacement of your existing tool arms to mount the tool rest receivers. Please contact us for details.

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