PILOT 2x72 DIY Belt Grinder Kit

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The PILOT is made to order. Current lead time as of January 30, 2023 is 18 business days. We thank you for your patience and continued support.

**Motor and drive is not included**

We are very proud to announce the availability of North America's ONLY premium DIY 2X72 Belt Grinder Kit. The PILOT utilizes a meticulously designed and developed chassis purposely built to withstand any and all tasks associated with bladesmithing and fabrication. You will not find a single "gizmo" or "gadget" The PILOT has everything you could want, with nothing that you don't need. The grinder chassis is the heart and soul of your bladesmithing equipment and is not something you want to trust to the lowest bidder. The PILOT is an unparalleled, ROCK SOLID platform without compromise.


• ORIGINAL design, NOT a copy
• Bolt together modular design requiring common tools for assembly
• Premium grade 8 or better fasteners
• FULL bearing construction at EVERY pivot
• ROCK SOLID tension/tracking arm support ensuring silky smooth belt tracking
• Dual Axis tracking
• Balanced and purposely designed horizontal base
• 10" flat platen
• Spark guard protection
• User friendly dimensions
• Clear assembly instructions via PDF and video support

So, what makes the PILOT entirely different from most others?

- Did we mention ORIGINAL design?!...
- Design and development over generic "improvements"
- Full Waterjet cut main plates ensuring zero heat distortion or work hardening
- Machine tapped holes
- Reamed and countersunk holes
- Premium construction without cutting corners
- Proven geometry coupled with intentional material selection, eliminating ALL possibility of vibration and harmonics
- Optional attachments purposely developed around the chassis, ensuring predictable, premium results
- Unparalleled customer support

The PILOT Standard Chassis Package Includes:

• All plate components
• Steel tubing primary tool arm
• 3/8" aluminum V-Plate with 10" platen assembly
• 1 piece 14" tool rest
• All premium grade 8 or better fasteners
• All required knobs and or levers
• Full detailed and illustrated PDF instruction manual

*Note* PILOT Standard Chassis Package does not include a wheelset. Wheelset type and available options or upgrades must be chosen at checkout.

The PILOT is a full DIY bolt together belt grinder kit. Plate has some mill scale that will require removal, as well as some light filing in some slots. All light welding has been properly performed in-house.  Careful consideration and attention has been taken to ensure trouble-free assembly.