P272 triple-slot 2" x 72" Belt Grinder package
P272 triple-slot 2" x 72" Belt Grinder package
P272 triple-slot 2" x 72" Belt Grinder package
P272 triple-slot 2" x 72" Belt Grinder package
P272 triple-slot 2" x 72" Belt Grinder package
Vashti Tactical Design

P272 triple-slot 2" x 72" Belt Grinder package

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The P272 (Plate, 2X72) is our do-it-all model belt grinder that will serve light or heavy duty tasks, both vertically or horizontally right out of the gate and still does it all affordably. Precision and repeatability are built in.

The chassis utilizes a direct C-Frame motor mounting flange. 4 bolts (supplied with the grinder package) and your motor mounting task is finished. This is hugely beneficial with regards to precise alignment and abrasive belt tracking.

The horizontal base was not simply sketched, built and thrown under the chassis as some other horizontal grinders available. Rather, it was precisely designed and located for balance with the optimum amount of offset for trouble free, safe and smooth tilting to the horizontal position. It's location and design also eliminates vibration and provides a strong vertical lockup. The horizontal base was located so precisely, that the chassis will remain vertical even when unlocked.

The P272 is constructed primarily from plate steel, with the exception of the tension and tracking arm components. You will not find CNC components (with the exception of the industries best CNC machined wheels available) to "bling" out the chassis of the P272, nor will you be charged for it. The P272 has everything you need to progress in your craft and it has just the perfect amount of "nothing" you won't need.

The P Series was designed using the same method as all of our chassis' and components... Legwork, pure and simple. We pride ourselves on the R&D of each and every component that we at Vashti, are willing to put our name on. You will never find a copy, or reverse engineered version of another available grinder or attachment floating around out there. It's a practice becoming all too common in the industry by those that lack integrity.

Vashti stakes its reputation on original design and top shelf, personalized customer service. It's built in, you can count on it

Belt Grinder package includes:

  • Triple-slot chassis
  • Extension spring
  • Standard V-Plate and flat platen (8" platen)
  • Primary tool arm (1) 
  • Universal tool rest
  • Tool rest tool arm (1)
  • All required fasteners
  • Full aluminum wheel set including drive wheel (5/8" bore)
  • *belt not included (buy here)
  • * motor not included

Options specific to the P272 chassis package:

  • Long V-plate/flat platen option (11" platen face) $112.00


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