Delrin wheel set

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Delrin Wheel Set

Canadian customers: We can ship the wheels anywhere in Canada for a flat rate of $18.49. If you would like to take advantage of this rate, contact us before payment of your order and we will adjust your shipping cost for you!
We are very pleased to offer our new Delrin wheel set. These are fully machined, NOT  injection molded. The Delrin wheels are fully machined with crowns on both the tracking wheel and drive wheel. Cheap, injection molded nylon wheels are almost always out of spec with warped crowns and bearing race recesses that will immediately melt in the early stages of bearing failure. 

These wheels also utilize the very same stacked bearing design as in our aluminum wheel sets, which negates lateral load leading to premature bearing failure. Most other wheel sets on the market utilize a "bandaid" bearing spacer. Although spacers do work, they ONLY work if they are machined correctly and that is almost never the case. 

If you are looking for a premium economical wheelset, look no further. As is the norm for Vashti Grinders, we stand behind what we sell. 

Wheel Specs:

Drive wheel: 5" diameter, 5/8" bore, 2-1/4" width
Tracking wheel: 4" diameter, 1/2" ID, 2-1/4" width
Idler wheels: 2" diameter, 1/2" ID, 2" width

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