About Vashti

Vashti Tactical Design, was established in 2016. The foundation for Vashti was built upon my own passion for blade smithing and fabrication which started far earlier.

Like most home blade smiths, I started 12 years earlier by designing and fabricating my own 2X72 belt grinders to serve both myself and my son, to hone our craft. With available equipment being expensive and out of reach, it was only natural to put the skill set I have to good use and develop the tools we required. Over those many years, the equipment pricing not only didn't improve, but became progressively worse. Having a hobbyist background in traditional drafting, we set out to change that.

Spending long hours at the drafting table, (we take pride in doing our OWN homework the tried and true old fashioned way)  we designed various grinder chassis' in 2X48 and 2X72 configurations, using a combination of tube steel and plate steel construction. With price point and equipment repeatability in mind, we believe we have achieved our goal.

From our H Series, to our P Series 2X48 and 2X72 grinders, we have covered the needs from the home hobbyist to the full time professional. Quality equipment is a MUST at any skill level. We believe that equipment should also be affordable at any skill level.

Going forward, we will always work to further our product line continuing to design and develop our products with repeatability, affordability and unequaled personalized customer service as our end goal