H2S dual-slot 2" x 72" Belt Grinder Assembly

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The H2S is made to order. Current lead time is 20-28 business days. Our packages are shipped through Canada Post so we are subject to any delays they may have. We thank you for your patience and continued support.

**Motor and drive is not included**

Introducing, the newly reformatted, 3rd generation H2S. Needing almost no introduction after 4 solid years of production and hundreds of models in use,  the H2S is a budget minded heavy-hitter that gives solid, repeatable results day after day, blade after blade, project after project. Let's break it down!...

The H2S utilizes a BALANCED, hollow tube chassis which accepts industry standard 1-1/2" tool arms, with the added ability to remove even the slightest amount of play, both vertically and horizontally along the length of the tool arm for a rock solid lockup. Solid lockup promotes vibration-free use.

Did we mention the chassis is balanced?... The single pedestal mount wasn't simply tossed under the chassis. We did our homework and balanced the chassis over the pedestal to best distribute the weight with the use of multiple attachments, further promoting vibration-free use.

The single pedestal design of the H2S has many advantages. Among them, is the ability to mount the chassis to our horizontal base assembly and taking your knife making game to an all new level! As your skill level advances, the H2S advances along with you. There is no need to be limited by your equipment.

There is nothing "cookie-cutter" about the H2S. We consider each and every creation, from the new bladesmith to the seasoned professional, to be a reflection of the artist and we developed the H2S to become an extension of the artist throughout his or her career.

The H2S (Hollow-2-Slot) is a tube construction grinder chassis that has undergone several improvements since its inception in 2016.

We at Vashti consider the H2S as our entry level grinder chassis...on price point only!  It's capabilities are endless.  It has several setup possibilities, with the primary design setup being fixed base, direct drive.

The H2S utilizes 0.125" wall tubing with take-ups that allow tool arm fitment tolerances to be dialed in to the users preference.  Each tool arm is also locked in place with not one, but two lock knobs locking it in place both vertically and horizontally.  This makes for a rock solid lock down providing zero vibration.

The primary tension used on the H2S is provided by a short, perfectly calibrated, extension spring.  It's a simple design that has proven itself consistent time and time again in any temperature range.  Less required tracking adjustment transfers into faster muscle memory for the user.  This is enormously beneficial for the new bladesmith.  Hydraulic spring tensioning is also optional on the H2S.

The H2S chassis also has a single pedestal foot for easy mounting to your work surface and now, far easier mounting to the optional horizontal base.  The pedestal has been located to provide the perfect mounting balance, which also ensures the elimination of vibration with various tool arm attachments.

The H2S does not conform to the typical garden-variety grinder chassis dimensions available from various manufacturers and home builders. We did not simply reverse engineer it from someone else's design. Each and every component has been purposefully thought out, designed and located to achieve repeatability and consistency.

The H2S Belt Grinder package includes:

  • Dual-slot chassis
  • Extension spring
  • Standard V-Plate and flat platen (8" platen face)
  • Primary tool arm (1)
  • Universal tool rest
  • Tool rest tool arm (1)
  • All required fasteners
  • Full aluminum wheel set including drive wheel (5/8" bore)
  • *belts not included (buy here)
  • *motor not included