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We are so very excited to finally be introducing the RIFT! Perfectly balanced in EVERY regard. Solid 3/8" and 1/4" plate construction, shoulder bolts and thrust bearings on EVERY pivot point make it buttery smooth. Central pivot point tracking, patented tension lockout and horizontal base lock and numerous options for both the fixed base and horizontal base models... Above all, it's simply drop dead sexy! Your grinder no longer has to look like the box it arrives in!

The standard fixed base is the base starting price for the RIFT, all other components such as the horizontal base are add-ons. Standard equipment includes:

- Complete aluminum wheel set comprised of 2" idlers, 4" tracking and 5" drive wheel
- V-Plate assembly with K-Cut adjustment
- Hollow primary tool arm
- 4" X 9" tool rest
- 1 only contact wheel adjustment bracket (does not include tool arm)

Motor and VFD combination options for USA customers, are NEMA4X, KBAC-27D/TechTop Cobra, 1 to 2hp. Pre-wired.

Motor and VFD combination options for Canadian customers are NEMA4X, KBAC-27D/WEG, 1 to 2hp.

Motor and VFD pricing will be posted within a day or two. In the meantime, if you would like a quote on a motor and VFD combination, please email us directly at


The RIFT is designed as a top shelf, top performing, C-Frame mount face 2X72 belt grinder suited to top professionals, as well as new bladesmiths, requiring the very most from their equipment. Whether fixed base or horizontal base model, we pulled out every stop.

Vashti was built upon INTEGRITY and INDIVIDUAL DESIGN. For that very reason, the RIFT has patents against the tension lockout mechanism, as well as the horizontal base lockout mechanism. We did not patent protect the RIFT because we think it will "change the world" We did so because we are a small, locally owned family business and we put A LOT of time and effort into the design and manufacture of the RIFT and will not sit idle should someone feel the need to copy its design. RIFT is also a registered Wordmark. Pride of ownership is designed into every Vashti Grinder. We did not copy an existing design, nor did we reverse engineer a design we do not fully understand. We do our own homework using the "old school" method. Our craft and your craft deserves nothing less.

The RIFT is constructed primarily of 3/8" and 1/4" steel plate. It utilizes shoulder bolts and thrust bearings at EVERY pivot point. If it rotates, it does so on bearings. Transition from vertical to horizontal on the horizontal model, is a smooth, silent transition with an unmistakable CLICK when the lock engages.

The tracking system also utilizes bearings at its pivot point, which is now on a central pivot. This makes for HIGHLY consistent tracking which will not adjust tension when tracking back and forth across the platen or contact wheel surface.

We chose to utilize a combination of bolt together, as well as welded construction. With years of experience with regards to holding fixture construction and welding, we put that experience to good use. The bearing tolerances between the base and the carriage portion of the horizontal base model are crutial for a buttery smooth operation and we went the distance! The bolt together construction on the chassis was done so to make routine maintenance a breeze.

Balance... We spent an enormous amount of time designing the horizontal base location and geometry. Precise horizontal base placement began with the P272 and the knowledge gained transferred directly into the RIFT. The base was not simply thrown under the chassis in such a way that it will work as so many other horizontal grinder models, rather it was PRECISELY located to spread the weight evenly front to back both vertically and horizontally. The RIFT balances as well unfastened to a work top as it does securely fastened. This is only one of the design features that sets us apart from all other manufacturers. We have a far better understanding of the benefits of a perfectly balanced chassis than most. The horizontal base is a component in a fully designed "system" Vibration, harmonics and geometry are highly scrutinized on the design of the RIFT!

Appearance... Clearly we were after an appearance that would appeal to most. Although appearance came second to fit and functionality and versatility, you wouldn't know it by looking at it! I am a blade smith as well and fully believe a belt grinder doesn't need to look generic. We designed the RIFT to break away from the current standard..

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