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Looking for a DIY PREMIUM 2X72 belt grinder kit WITHOUT compromise? Lack welding or fabrication skills or the equipment required?... You'll be happy you waited! While we typically announce new grinders and attachments every October, the ALL NEW Vashti Grinders PILOT ®️  will be making an appearance AND will be shipping from stock in the next couple of weeks! It also has a starting price under 1K CAD!

The PILOT ®️ is a no nonsense, ORIGINAL Vashti design 2X72 constructed as a PREMIUM chassis should be. Check it out!


• DESIGN!... A "developed" chassis, NOT a silly copy
• Bolt together modular design requiring common tools
• Premium grade 8 or better fasteners
• FULL bearing construction at EVERY pivot
• ROCK SOLID tension/tracking arm support
• Dual Axis tracking
• BALANCED and purposely designed horizontal base - NO GIMMICKS
• 10" flat platen
• User-friendly dimensions
• Clear assembly instructions via PDF and video support

So, what makes the PILOT ®️  different from most others?

- Design and development over "improvements"
- PREMIUM construction without cutting corners
- PROVEN geometry coupled with INTENTIONAL material selection, eliminating ALL  possibility of vibration and harmonics
- Optional attachments purposely developed around the CHASSIS, nothing generic
- Unparalleled customer support

The PILOT ®️ leaves all of the usual expectations of an "economy" DIY 2X72 belt grinder kit far behind and sets NEW standards. The PILOT ®️  is geared toward those demanding MORE for their hard earned money, but at a cost effective price that allows the user to excel in their craft as their skill level progresses at a pace that works for the user.

If THAT'S not enough, we have an exclusive Vashti customer rebate program in place from October 1st, 2021 to January 1st ,2022 that will allow past Vashti customers to upgrade to the PILOT ®️ at a further related price. Some conditions will apply... Further details will be announced on our website soon!

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